Author: Lorna

Introducing Dana – yet another Bold and Audacious inspiration!

I had the pleasure of meeting Dana Caple Smith this past spring at Leah Goard’s workshop, “Organized to Thrive”.   She’s an entrepreneurial dynamo with a heart of gold and I’m so pleased to be in the Rockstar Mastermind group with her.  Enjoy the interview…

What does Bodacious (Bold and Audacious) mean to you?

Favorite part of your body? Why?
My feet – I love making them look beautiful, with pink or burgundy nailpolish

What was the last thing that made you laugh uncontrollably?
Lots…When my girlfriend and I were talking about our kids and their ‘sweet curiosity about about down there..
I DON”T THINK YOU can use this – but it was SO SO Funny! Reacting with shock, or passing it off as tho it was fun..funny. (I’m using it:)

3 words/phrases your friends would use to describe you/your style? ‘ew…that’s a tough one.
A little ‘off the wall’, fun, busy…?

Who is your personal inspiration?
Benazir Bhutto, Pakistans first and only female prime minister..! Obama (TRUE Obama fan..) An 85 year old french lady who is ‘coquetish, laughs and is amazing – Annie Licart!

What is your favourite tv show/movie?
Negotiating the Rabbit Hole (What the blink…) Grey’s Anatomy!

Sexy jeans or a flirty dress?
yup -jeans

Heels or flats?

What’s your favourite colour combination?
black and..any colour except yellow/white.

Favourite phrase/quote that inspires you/makes your heart soar?
LIVE! LOVE! LAUGh! ..running out of time..

What (piece of clothing or item or?) makes you feel sexy?
sweaters with V necks that are long and ‘skinny pants’

What makes you feel confident and strong?
yoga..certain people

Most recent clothing purchase? Why?
BRAS..can never get them to fit!

How do you take care of you?
Yoga, sauna, walks, massage

Any upcoming projects?
Piles – can’t count them all:)

Final words?
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has! Margaret Mead..
And a few projects Dana has going on…

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