From Zero to Zumba!

I woke up this morning with the title in my head so I thought I’d go with it.  It’s a pretty accurate description of my January!
Apparently I took a good few months off of any kind of physical fitness (unless you count the 4 hour Wii dance-athons over the holidays that would usually include a glass of wine or three:)

I’m back at Zumba and I really love it!  It’s danc-y, the music is latin and loud and nobody looks great doing it except those beautifully bronzed instructors in the videos.

But…the more I go, the more I shake my booty, the better I feel – booty and all!  It seems the secret to my success is to keep it fun, mix it up and turn up the music.  Anyone care to join me?

(we don’t look like this…)

Happy Bodacious New Year! New Chalet in at Bodacious!

Well hello!  I honestly can’t believe that January is almost over.  For the first time in my retail life, I decided to embrace this time of year (instead of wanting to crawl under a rock for 2 months:) and what a surprising difference that made!  This January I used the quieter days to move things around in the store (primping and prettying the space is what I enjoy the most, next to finding great Bodacious fashions for you!), spend more time with each customer/friend who came in the door, and plan for the new, exciting year ahead.
It’s going to be a GREAT one!
I wish you all a phenomenal 2012!  The energy feels light and positive right now so let’s all embrace that and enjoy this next phase.

xo Lorna
And to help you look fantastic as you go into 2012, I have some pretty awesome …

NEW! NEW! NEW! fantastic fashions and accessories in-store for you…

CHALET!  Over 70 new items in the crinkle Chalet just arrived this week!

(Until the end of January…buy one Chalet item and receive 20% off any Chalet bottoms!
All Chalet french terry items are now 50% off!)

Oka B ballet flats are in!
Anti-macrobial, reflexology inspired design, recyclable, non-slip and non-marking, machine washable and colourfast – blah blah blah:)
Those are all fantastic features but the best part?

…these are sooooo freakin’ adorable and comfy and come in the prettiest blue box I’ve ever seen
(I do have a thing for boxes)!
only $46 retail
(fit reminder – these flats do have a narrower fit so don’t work well on a wide foot)

(not all colours available)


Sweeten up for your Valentine with these yummy Principessa plumping lip glosses!

check out this review on Beauty Booty…

and so much more!
bamboo leggings, beaded necklaces, locally made fascinators (you have to see to believe!), 50% off paper products including all stationary/journals/file folders and a chock-a-block full 70% off rack!!!

Don’t forget, I’m always happy to take orders over the phone (Gibsons # is 604.886.4119 and my cell # is still 604.970.4393) if you can’t make it in and will ship within a day of receiving your order.

Bodacious Boxing Week SALE!

It’s That Time Again!

Hope you all had a fantastic holiday season!  I had a lovely 2 days off to spend with friends and family and of course – indulge in some turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes…

Just a quick reminder that the Bodacious Boxing Week SALE starts today at 11 am!!!

– 50% off all CHALET and Echo Rain while it lasts!
– Up to 70% off everything in the store!

If you’re not on the coast but interested in shopping, just email me or call at 604.886.4119 and I’d be happy to ship.

I will try to post pix on facebook throughout the day of sale items so check in there if you can.

Now…carry on enjoying your week!

xo Lorna

Bodacious Holiday Review!

Well, we’re almost half way through December and the holiday season is in full swing!
I’ve been having so much fun at the new location , primping the store, welcoming new friends and reconnecting with you all who have supported me through the transition.

There may even have been some spontaneous Bodacious dancing on the sidewalk Saturday night which, rumour has it, may turn into a weekly event;)  Gotta love a small town!

I have a LOT of fabulous new product in the store as you’ll see pix of below but before we go there, I just want to wish you and yours a …

joyous, peace-filled and loving holiday season.
It really is a time to remember to smile at your neighbour, love and cherish those close to you and appreciate all the blessings in your life.
I know, for me, you are such a big part of what I cherish and feel blessed to hold dear in my life!
Thank you for your continued support from near and far!
xo Lorna


Me in my Chalet!
fantastic fashions and accessories in-store for you…
Introducing Blue Sky Clothing – beautifully designed in Vancouver, BC
(here’s a small sample of their gorgeous product including bamboo dresses, knit cardis, and delicious Merino wool coats!)
Looking for that perfect gift ?
Shi pendants are BACK and as beautiful as ever!

Sox trot socks are here!  Several patterns to choose from and at only $12 – a great stocking stuffer!

and so much more…including hats, journals, bath products, locally made handbags, jewelry, handknit scarves (by me:) and MORE!
And arriving any day…insert drumroll here…these yummy flats by Oka b shoes! So excited!!!

Don’t forget, I’m always happy to take orders over the phone
(Gibsons # is 604.886.4119 and my cell # is still 604.970.4393) if you can’t make it in and will ship within a day of receiving your order.

You ARE Beautiful!

Reposted – ’cause it’s worth reading again!

Working in the Gibsons store lately has re-opened my eyes to the challenges faced by so many women (including myself many days) in loving our bodies – unconditionally.

I’ve been in this business 11 years this year and have had hundreds of conversations with women about ‘celebrating your curves’, walking tall, focusing on the best parts of …yourself.

BUT I’ve been feeling lately that women need more support, more reminders, more challenges to stop wasting time looking and focusing on the negative.

Our bodies carry us through this world – they create and nurture babies, work at important and life-changing jobs, hold hands with friends and lovers, dance, play, strut.

Let’s acknowlege and love the differences (lumps, bumps and curves) of our bodies.

They tell our stories. They are roadmaps to how we got here and who we are today.

I’ve wasted years of my life waiting to be the perfect size before I would take a risk at looking stupid or fat in an activity. (there was that perfect moonlit night on a glassy lake when I wouldn’t get into the double kayak with my boyfriend because I thought I was too fat.

I wasn’t! In fact I’m much bigger now and have been kayaking many times and have never got my butt stuck. I missed out on a magical opportunity while watching my boyfriend paddle off into the moonlight!)

NOT doing those activities/living life/trying new things only led me to feel stupid and fat.

(Oh, and the other thing that is interesting is that you can be ANY size and still hate your body!

This isn’t an exclusive club – anybody can join.)

It’s not easy when society/media still regularly sends out messages that thin with boobs is the only normal but there are things you can do to challenge that.

Help yourself feel good by wearing a colour that makes you sing or a fabric (have you tried bamboo?) that feels like butter on your skin. Get fitted and wear the right size bra. Stand up tall and look people in the eye! Own your space. Swish those hips!

Speak clearly and demand to be heard!

And here’s one more thing you can do…

When your daughter, mom, girlfriend, bestie complains to you about their body – don’t engage!!!

Instead, tell them they’re beautiful. Tell them you don’t see them as unlovable parts but as a whole, strong and beautiful person. And maybe the next time you look in the mirror, remember those words and repeat them loudly to yourself.

You are beautiful!