Introducing Dana – yet another Bold and Audacious inspiration!

I had the pleasure of meeting Dana Caple Smith this past spring at Leah Goard’s workshop, “Organized to Thrive”.   She’s an entrepreneurial dynamo with a heart of gold and I’m so pleased to be in the Rockstar Mastermind group with her.  Enjoy the interview…

What does Bodacious (Bold and Audacious) mean to you?

Favorite part of your body? Why?
My feet – I love making them look beautiful, with pink or burgundy nailpolish

What was the last thing that made you laugh uncontrollably?
Lots…When my girlfriend and I were talking about our kids and their ‘sweet curiosity about about down there..
I DON”T THINK YOU can use this – but it was SO SO Funny! Reacting with shock, or passing it off as tho it was fun..funny. (I’m using it:)

3 words/phrases your friends would use to describe you/your style? ‘ew…that’s a tough one.
A little ‘off the wall’, fun, busy…?

Who is your personal inspiration?
Benazir Bhutto, Pakistans first and only female prime minister..! Obama (TRUE Obama fan..) An 85 year old french lady who is ‘coquetish, laughs and is amazing – Annie Licart!

What is your favourite tv show/movie?
Negotiating the Rabbit Hole (What the blink…) Grey’s Anatomy!

Sexy jeans or a flirty dress?
yup -jeans

Heels or flats?

What’s your favourite colour combination?
black and..any colour except yellow/white.

Favourite phrase/quote that inspires you/makes your heart soar?
LIVE! LOVE! LAUGh! ..running out of time..

What (piece of clothing or item or?) makes you feel sexy?
sweaters with V necks that are long and ‘skinny pants’

What makes you feel confident and strong?
yoga..certain people

Most recent clothing purchase? Why?
BRAS..can never get them to fit!

How do you take care of you?
Yoga, sauna, walks, massage

Any upcoming projects?
Piles – can’t count them all:)

Final words?
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has! Margaret Mead..
And a few projects Dana has going on…

It’s Raining…It’s Pouring…Other Umbrellas are Boring…

Each Cheeky umbrella brightens a rainy day with its:

Stylish Design

An umbrella is an expression of your personality and sense of style, just like a purse, a pair of shoes or any other accessory.  Yet how often have you seen a stylishly dressed person carrying a very un-stylish umbrella?  Part of the reason is that there have not been many stylish umbrella options in the market…until now!  Choose from our wide variety of stylish umbrella designs, and look and feel just as good on rainy days as you do on sunny ones!


Sassy Attitude

Our umbrellas not only look great on the outside, but are full of personality on the inside too.  They are bold, fun and never boring!  Each umbrella has a bright, colourful fabric lining on the underside.  And many of our umbrellas even have a “cheeky” statement written on them, designed to keep a smile on your face while you’re tucked underneath it on a rainy day.


Saturday October 01, 2011

This always feels like a good time to clean out our closets
(virtually and literally), and start fresh projects.  The air is crisp, the winds
blow the leaves around, the temperatures cool and we want to spend more time inside.
I can’t tell you how many women I’ve spoken to who have just done a
major closet dump and how great they feel about it! (Check out the sidebar
for some help in this department!) That’s next on my todo list.
It also leaves room in your closet for fresh new fall fashion like this…
chalet tunic - fall 2011  echo rain dress - grey or plum fall 2011chalet plum - fall 2011chalet black jacket - fall 2011
We also have a great selection of jeans (including black velvet) in a variety of sizes and styles.
SWAK - Monika jeans
Remember that “back to school” feeling?
I remember wearing my new “big blue” wide leg dark brown corduroys
from Bootlegger on the first day back to school with my new striped turtle
neck sweater – I felt great for the first 1/2 hour until I realized that we
were still in the middle of a summer heat wave.
There’s no way I could’ve resisted wearing my new outfit tho’.
So to get to the point…Bodacious is moving into it’s very own store!
As much fun as it was to be in Molly’s Lane for the summer,
I’m very excited to tell you that I will be moving up to
449 Marine Drive in Lower Gibsons for November 1st!
I will be surrounded by amazing boutiques and restaurants
and will have my own pretty space to welcome you to.  I can’t wait!
Stay tuned for store opening events!!!
I’m always happy to take orders over the phone if you can’t make
it in and will ship within a day of receiving your order.

is the most current place to see new items and what’s on sale.
We’re well stocked in oh-so-beautiful Chalet and EchoRain and more
Chalet will be arriving next week!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Sunny Days to You!

I’m happily curled up in my sunny spot looking at the blue sky outside. 
After I finish this note to you, I’m going to go jump in the ocean for a
refreshing swim and then meet some friends for a pasta dinner.
(I’m having a rare day off:)
How’s your summer going?  
It certainly took its time getting here but then came on so sweetly. I feel like I got a free pass
from gardening and anything too yard specific this year as every sunny moment that I wasn’t
in the store had to be savoured, which for me means beach or patio time.
Settling in to one space (with such a fantastic view) has been great and seeing lots of familiar
faces from the city warmed my heart!  I’m so glad to be an excuse for a coastal getaway!

So… I don’t want to ruin the mood by talking about fall but I’m soooo excited to tell you
about all the new products filling the Bodacious racks!

You will definitely be wowed by the new fall bounty!
Here are some pix to pique your interest. (I will post curvier shots on facebook asap!)
I’ve been putting pix on facebook pretty regularly so if you want to stay super current, meet me there.

khloe tunic-echoraintia ruffle echorain skirt and top-echorain
SWAK - pink cardiSWAK-black tunic
and so much more…
carwash tunicfunflirtydressdenim tunic
New Chalet is also on its way!
This line has totally resonated with you all and I’m happy to report I’ve had to re-order twice already!

(and…ummm…I had to put a few more things on SALE to make room for new additions – just sayin’) 

And one more thing…
At a networking group I recently attended, I won some time with a local graphic artist (Ivy Young of Inkling Arts)
so I thought it was time to freshen up my look.  Hope you like it.  Here’s my new biz card!  I LOVE it!

Business Card Front

Business Card Back