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Springtime at Bodacious!

Happy April!  I got that in on the very last day:)
As you may have heard, I turned 50 this month and I challenged myself to do a 100 kilometre Camino walk in Spain.  I did it!!! I reached Santiago de Compostela on the day after my birthday! What a feeling that was as you can see from the happy/teary look on my face. Thankfully I had my best friend and supporter, George, by my side.  We had several days after arriving in Santiago to relax and enjoy the sights and partake in the delicious food and wine;)
My plan for the rest of the year and hopefully the rest of my life, is to do something fun/unique/challenging every month (at the very least). For me this will include jewelry classes, days with friends, dancing!, and challenging myself to new adventures.  I wasn’t afraid of 50 as I believe that every year is worth celebrating but the physical challenge definitely scared me. I’m so happy and proud to tick this off my list.
What I also learned in my travels is how much I love coming home to Vancouver and how much I love Bodacious and what we do.  I saw many beautiful boutiques in Santiago and in Madrid but none that catered to the curvy ladies. I’m happy to come home to shop in my own store again! If you’re interested in seeing more about my trip, you can always check out my personal facebook page (Lorna Ketler) for more pix.Lorna and George - in the square Lorna at Santiago Lorna receiving the Compostela certificateThe day before I left, we did an awesome photo shoot with the beautiful Jihan, right here at Granville Island. There will be many pix coming out of that day but thought I’d give you a sneak peak of some behind the scenes.  In each pic, Jihan is rocking size 16 Joseph Ribkoff pieces. Photographer is my talented and lovely friend from the Sunshine Coast, Linsey Hulls
behind the scenes - photo shootJihan - Joseph Ribkoff photo shootJihan and Linsey - photo shootThe linens are in! The linens are in!  For those of you who’ve been patiently waiting for the Chalet linens, they’re HERE!  Best so far! (all styles also featuring Lotusland Jewelry)
Chalet Linen shirt Chalet Linen tunicThere is also a rayon blend from Chalet this season which is equally awesome. Super light and flow-y. Great for travel!Chalet Rayon dress Chalet Rayon top Chalet Rayon tunicAnd there’s this new handbag line…handbag   and some more Ribkoff…Ribkoff blue and white dressand new Sympli and a new line called Aller Simplement that we haven’t even got out of the box yet!!! Oh my, this season is going to ROCK!

Phew! Hope to see you soon!

The Body Love Conference – LOVE was in the air!

This past Saturday I attended the first ever Body Love Conference in Tucson, Arizona.  This event was the brainchild of Jes Baker aka The Militant Baker who I’ve been following on facebook for her body-love radical-ness for quite some time.

jes baker blc 2014

She and so many others are fighting the fight that should never have to be fought.  The fight for it to be ok to love our bodies TODAY – whatever size or shape, colour or orientation.  The fight that I started personally when I was 33 years old and decided that, screw the waiting!, I was going to get my belly button pierced and buy a bikini!  lorna and tess munster body love conf 2014

I’m 48 now!  There is a new wave of beautiful, radical warriors leading this battle and it’s awesome to watch.  The speakers at this event included The World Famous Bob, Sonya Renee Taylor – the founder of The Body is Not an Apology, Tess Munster , the founder of #effyourbeautystandards and a stunningly beautiful plus-size model and our very own Louise Green of the Body Exchange!

These ladies, and so many more, opened their hearts to share their very raw and personal stories to an audience of over 400 women (and a few men) who laughed, cried and gave standing ovations of support and acknowledged sisterhood!  It was a place of connection and healing for me.  It was my overwhelming a-ha of why I do what I do.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?  Try to look for your story – in your eyes. in the lines of your face. in your expression.  in the stretch marks that helped bring a baby into this world. in your gorgeous curves.  in the strength of your hands.  It’s so beautiful!
You are so beautiful!
Every single thing that has happened in your life has shaped you into the beautiful being that you are today! When I look at the laugh lines around my eyes, I’m so glad that I’ve had a life filled with joyful moments.  When I see the delicious wrinkles on my grandma’s 95 year old face – all I see is BEAUTY!

Hearing Jade Beall speak so passionately and share her photos in A Beautiful Body Project turned my world upside down!  She only sees beauty in all these bodies and in that, helps others to see it too!

Sharing who you are with the world – sharing all of our  stories unites us.
That’s what resonates and connects us all.

When Tess shared her amazing story of pain and then her spectacular triumph, I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  I know my tears were freely flowing.

Every day I meet women who can’t see their own beauty.  Who are so quick to tell me about all their flaws.  All the rules of why they can’t wear certain things.

I tell them they are beautiful – because that’s what I see.

If you get a chance to attend next year’s Body Love conference, I highly recommend you GO!!!  Join in the celebration of YOU!lorna - body love conf 2014

An observation (and appreciation) of friendship (and shopping:)

This past few years I’ve learned a lot about friendship.  I’ve had to let some go (we just weren’t our best together) and I’ve gained many true, deep friends as well.  I’ve had to call on my friends quite a lot during certain times and I’m still always surprised at how quickly and with ease they “show up” in my life.  I’m trying to be that person too.
I’ve had the pleasure of watching some amazing moments between friends at Bodacious .  Shopping together isn’t always a good shared experience.  I’ve seen some horrible exchanges between mothers and daughters, husbands and wives and also between friends.  But the tenderness and magic that can happen is so lovely to witness.  I’ve seen several two or threesomes come through in the past couple of weeks who are so tender, complimentary and loving – excited to be together, happy to share an opinion, but with gentle words and so much love!
That’s what I recommend.  If you’re shopping with your friend (or spouse or mother/daughter), pay attention to how she lights up (or doesn’t) when she comes out of the dressing room.  It doesn’t matter how amazing you think she looks if she’s not feeling it.
We are our worst enemies. Trying on clothes can be very daunting and traumatic for many women.  So be gentle with each other.  You could say, “Are you sure you’re going to wear that?” (it’s definitely helpful if you know she already has 3 in her closet that she’s not wearing and gentle honesty is always appreciated!), but also, focus on the positive and say, “How does it feel? You are so beautiful!”
Shopping shouldn’t be hard and unpleasant. I see it as an opportunity to play, experiment with new things and have fun!
If someone comes out of the dressing room dancing, twirling or swishing, it’s time for everyone to celebrate!

April News!

Bodacious is Bursting at the Seams with Fabulous-ness!

Happy April!  Just a few more rainy days before the sun makes a comeback and we’re so READY!

I’ve been busy this past week celebrating my birthday.  48!  How the heck did that happen?  I’m very happy to be my age and be where I am – surrounded by friends, family and Bodacious-ness!
If you’re celebrating an April birthday, we have a free gift with purchase for you until the end of the month!
Bodacious has been receiving stock every day for the past few weeks including (and introducing) –
  Sympli Grand!
Sympli Tunic
Design Today

Design Today JacketDesign Today Vest
Sealed With A Kiss

SWAK Courtney Maxi SWAK Joan Maxi
Chloe Angus
Chloe Angus
and… you asked for it…
da da da da (that’s my drumroll)…
SILVER JEANS!!! (up to size 24)
Silver Jeans - McKenzie Flap Silver Jeans
Firma Energy Wear
Firma leggings

If you haven’t heard of Firma, you need to check this line out!  Great for sore legs, varicose veins, comfort! (tanks, leggings, bra tops…)

OH!!! Brand NEW earrings and iphone 4 or 5 cases just walked in the door from Ebi Emporium!
ebi emporium iphone cases ebi emporium earrings

and, and, and…you should come in and see all the rest!

Crisp Chalet Linens at Bodacious! and…a whole lot MORE!

Welcome to June! 
Luckily I fit some gardening in on the past couple of weekends so now the rain can take care of the watering.
These past few months have personally been filled with some sad losses and some happy surprises.  The biggest lesson is that we can only be sure of this moment.  A good reminder to appreciate the blessings and people who fill our lives!

What are your plans for the summer?  George and I just bought ourselves a couple of beautiful kayaks so our travels will be local this year.  I can’t really think of a better place to spend the summer! If you don’t already live here, I hope you’re planning a trip to the coast sometime soon.
The racks of my little Bodacious boutique are filled with lovely right now.

New arrivals of summer dresses, leggings, handbags, sunglasses, summer hats…

Bodacious sunglasses 2012
Weekend bagPlum handbagTangerine Handbag
and Chalet linens! (loving the new crisp white and pewter grey!)
Chalet linen
Thank you all for taking the time to read my newsletter and for your ongoing support!  Please feel free to share with a friend.