An observation (and appreciation) of friendship (and shopping:)

by Apr 25, 2013Blog, Uncategorized

This past few years I’ve learned a lot about friendship.  I’ve had to let some go (we just weren’t our best together) and I’ve gained many true, deep friends as well.  I’ve had to call on my friends quite a lot during certain times and I’m still always surprised at how quickly and with ease they “show up” in my life.  I’m trying to be that person too.
I’ve had the pleasure of watching some amazing moments between friends at Bodacious .  Shopping together isn’t always a good shared experience.  I’ve seen some horrible exchanges between mothers and daughters, husbands and wives and also between friends.  But the tenderness and magic that can happen is so lovely to witness.  I’ve seen several two or threesomes come through in the past couple of weeks who are so tender, complimentary and loving – excited to be together, happy to share an opinion, but with gentle words and so much love!
That’s what I recommend.  If you’re shopping with your friend (or spouse or mother/daughter), pay attention to how she lights up (or doesn’t) when she comes out of the dressing room.  It doesn’t matter how amazing you think she looks if she’s not feeling it.
We are our worst enemies. Trying on clothes can be very daunting and traumatic for many women.  So be gentle with each other.  You could say, “Are you sure you’re going to wear that?” (it’s definitely helpful if you know she already has 3 in her closet that she’s not wearing and gentle honesty is always appreciated!), but also, focus on the positive and say, “How does it feel? You are so beautiful!”
Shopping shouldn’t be hard and unpleasant. I see it as an opportunity to play, experiment with new things and have fun!
If someone comes out of the dressing room dancing, twirling or swishing, it’s time for everyone to celebrate!