Bodacious Holiday Review!

by Dec 13, 2011Blog

Well, we’re almost half way through December and the holiday season is in full swing!
I’ve been having so much fun at the new location , primping the store, welcoming new friends and reconnecting with you all who have supported me through the transition.

There may even have been some spontaneous Bodacious dancing on the sidewalk Saturday night which, rumour has it, may turn into a weekly event;)  Gotta love a small town!

I have a LOT of fabulous new product in the store as you’ll see pix of below but before we go there, I just want to wish you and yours a …

joyous, peace-filled and loving holiday season.
It really is a time to remember to smile at your neighbour, love and cherish those close to you and appreciate all the blessings in your life.
I know, for me, you are such a big part of what I cherish and feel blessed to hold dear in my life!
Thank you for your continued support from near and far!
xo Lorna


Me in my Chalet!
fantastic fashions and accessories in-store for you…
Introducing Blue Sky Clothing – beautifully designed in Vancouver, BC
(here’s a small sample of their gorgeous product including bamboo dresses, knit cardis, and delicious Merino wool coats!)
Looking for that perfect gift ?
Shi pendants are BACK and as beautiful as ever!

Sox trot socks are here!  Several patterns to choose from and at only $12 – a great stocking stuffer!

and so much more…including hats, journals, bath products, locally made handbags, jewelry, handknit scarves (by me:) and MORE!
And arriving any day…insert drumroll here…these yummy flats by Oka b shoes! So excited!!!

Don’t forget, I’m always happy to take orders over the phone
(Gibsons # is 604.886.4119 and my cell # is still 604.970.4393) if you can’t make it in and will ship within a day of receiving your order.