Saturday October 01, 2011

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This always feels like a good time to clean out our closets
(virtually and literally), and start fresh projects.  The air is crisp, the winds
blow the leaves around, the temperatures cool and we want to spend more time inside.
I can’t tell you how many women I’ve spoken to who have just done a
major closet dump and how great they feel about it! (Check out the sidebar
for some help in this department!) That’s next on my todo list.
It also leaves room in your closet for fresh new fall fashion like this…
chalet tunic - fall 2011  echo rain dress - grey or plum fall 2011chalet plum - fall 2011chalet black jacket - fall 2011
We also have a great selection of jeans (including black velvet) in a variety of sizes and styles.
SWAK - Monika jeans
Remember that “back to school” feeling?
I remember wearing my new “big blue” wide leg dark brown corduroys
from Bootlegger on the first day back to school with my new striped turtle
neck sweater – I felt great for the first 1/2 hour until I realized that we
were still in the middle of a summer heat wave.
There’s no way I could’ve resisted wearing my new outfit tho’.
So to get to the point…Bodacious is moving into it’s very own store!
As much fun as it was to be in Molly’s Lane for the summer,
I’m very excited to tell you that I will be moving up to
449 Marine Drive in Lower Gibsons for November 1st!
I will be surrounded by amazing boutiques and restaurants
and will have my own pretty space to welcome you to.  I can’t wait!
Stay tuned for store opening events!!!
I’m always happy to take orders over the phone if you can’t make
it in and will ship within a day of receiving your order.

is the most current place to see new items and what’s on sale.
We’re well stocked in oh-so-beautiful Chalet and EchoRain and more
Chalet will be arriving next week!