Int’l Women’s Day 2013

by Mar 7, 2013Uncategorized

grammaI was just reflecting on all the amazing, talented and inspirational women I’ve met over the years.
From my grandma at 94 years old who inspires me every day with her love of life, appreciating each moment and in these later years, knowing it’s ok to ask for what she wants!
…to the creators of art and beauty – so many creative souls that I’ve been privileged to cross paths with.
…to the leaders who share their stories and guide others with heart, humour and strength.
…to the solopreneurs who work their asses off and give back and show up!
…to all my beautiful and wise friends and family who have held my hand along this path (especially through the challenges of the past couple of years!) and letting me hold yours when necessary.
…to all the beautiful women who walk through the doors of Bodacious every day and remind me why I love doing what I do!
…to my mom for being my mom
I honour you all and celebrate this day and every day with you!

Happy International Women’s Day!