Hooked on a feeling!

by Sep 24, 2012Uncategorized

When a I posted this picture on facebook the other day, I received a comment about how it was too boxy and shapeless and didn’t flatter my shape. (I should’ve pushed up the sleeves:)  My hasty reaction was to delete, delete, delete.  Not because I couldn’t handle the criticism, but because it made me doubt myself and question what others see.  What I’ve since realized (in thinking about it all weekend!), is that it provided me with the opportunity to review why I wear what I wear.  Sometimes I choose to wear a very specific outfit to flatter my shape, sometimes I need to wear my high-heeled, knee-high power boots to give me strength, and other times, I’m really going after a feel or a vibe.  I’m not under any illusions.  I know what I look like.  I know what my shape and size is.  But…AND I don’t always feel like I have to make myself look smaller or thinner or even accentuate my curves.  Sometimes I want to wear a chunky sweater with rolled up jeans and my new funky boots.  Do I think I look like these ladies?  Absolutely not!  Am I feeling the vibe that these photos elicit for me?  Casual, fall, comfy, stylin’?  You betcha. 

There are too many rules in this world that tell us to “be” or “look” a certain way.  I don’t necessarily abide by them.  Why can’t we just be creative and play with our clothes?  A camera captures a one dimensional image of a moment in time.  It doesn’t capture how I feel when I’m walking down the street, chatting with a friend or holding my head up high and greeting a happy customer. 
Often, I’m disappointed in the fact that the camera so doesn’t “get” me.  That’s not how I look in my head:)  And really, how I feel in my clothes (without rules or photos), is the most important piece.  I hope you choose to break the rules with your fall fashion pieces.  Hold your head high, own it, work it and HAVE FUN!!!