May at Bodacious…

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Grab a cuppa and let me share some news with you!
I can’t believe it’s almost the end of May already and my honey and I have been living on a 54 ft. Criss Craft boat in False Creek for almost a month!  We were offered this boat-sitting gig for 6 months starting May 1st and it’s been pretty awesome (much more awesome when the sun is shining:)

And I get to walk to work!
I hope you’re all enjoying your spring. Granville Island has been full of wonderful surprises including happy tourists from all over the world. So fun to hear about their travel experiences to our beautiful city.
And…we’re busy most days putting fresh, pretty new stock out on the floor for you!  Stock is moving quickly and re-orders are happening daily.  Sympli has been so well received with more coming soon!
For best selection, you gotta come visit regularly or keep an eye on our facebookpage updates.Today we have new Chloe Angus, funky print tops, Igigi maxi dresses,
wrap tops, Silver Jeans (capris coming next week!), Chalet crinkle and viscose…
Igigi Flower Dress  Fluvia Dress - Igigi

and NOW for my BIG announcement!!!

da da da daaaaa…
I have just confirmed today that Bodacious will be carrying Lane Bryant overstock and the first shipment is being packed as I write!!!  I will definitely be letting you all know when it’s here!  Avoid the border line-ups and shop at Bodacious Granville Island.  I’m so excited and can’t wait to share these treasures with you! (I know, I know…so many exclamation marks)

Bodacious Events!

runway to freedom

This coming Monday, May 27, Bodacious will be dressing 6 lovely models in the Runway to Freedom event in Coquitlam!

“All ladies, join us for a captivating evening with Miss World Canada 2012, Tara Teng, who uses her influence to work towards abolishing human trafficking and slavery, both of which exist in Canada today.”
Check out their facebook page for deets!And this Sunday, I will be modeling for the oh-so-talented photographer, Linsey Hulls for a Project True project described as follows…a new photo campaign focused on showing your true self — there will be no Photoshop here
I’m thrilled to align Bodacious with this awesome group of ladies empowering others!

Bodacious Entrance

Here to welcome you…

10-6 every day

Did you know…
– Bodacious carries sizes small to 3x in a great variety of Designers and awesome fabrics!
– Bodacious will ship to you!  We’ve happily been posting packages to Whitehorse, Nanaimo, Kelowna, Toronto…
– Shopping can be fun! Feel free to experiment, ask for support and step out of your comfort zone a little.
– There’s FREE parking at Granville Island!

Wear it with confidence, ladies!
At Bodacious, we provide you with quality fashion that fits and flatters.  We believe in celebrating your curves and walking tall.  What’s better than having a selection of items in your closet that make you feel and look fantastic?

We hope to see you celebrating your curves very soon.

Please share this newsletter with anyone who needs to know about the
Bodacious-Curve Celebrating Revolution.