Our Designers

This brand started more than 20 years ago, when the idea of the natural fabric clothes began to grow. After the long research, company’s owner came to the conclusion that there were limited amount of manufacturers that would offer women the opportunity to express their selves in natural, but exclusive style.
In time, GRIZAS brand earned customers trust and appreciation, and became globally known company. Today, many people around the world, fallen in love with GRIZAS natural products and its loyal customers are speeded all over the world – Europe, USA, Canada and Asia.



Choice – Sympli women love who they are and want clothes that suit their character.  It is at our core to continue designing clothes that empower women to be themselves; regardless of age, shape, or size.

Honesty – Authenticity is essential to positive self image. All women deserve to feel beautiful and to be confident in their own skin.  To achieve this we will continue to use real models and design clothes with real women in mind and at heart.

Relationships – Valued opinions and feedback lead to informed direction.  Our retail partnerships are fundamental to our business, and by making their customers happy, we make them happy.

Made in Canada! – We are proudly Canadian. Local manufacturing affords us the ability to make high quality clothing, with fast turnaround times, and in an ethical manner.

Working mothers from our community make up the majority of our workforce; working to their own schedules, they manage fluctuating workloads, whilst maintaining strong family Lives. They inspire us.

joseph ribkoff logoAt Joseph Ribkoff, we have created a product that has global appeal. We make it our priority to know the retailers and by extension, the end-consumers needs.

Our designs reflect an in-depth understanding of fashion trends and consumer preferences in key markets all over the world. We cater to the upper echelon of the fashion market and offer a unique style, which has given the name Joseph Ribkoff international recognition.

We have created clothing to respond to the multi-dimensional needs of today’s woman:

  • Versatile dresses for all occasions, day or evening.
  • Strictly eveningwear for all formal occasions.
  • Separates and related sportswear line that offers our customers the trendy items not found elsewhere.

Joseph Ribkoff